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  • What is your Exact company Location?

    L2-19, Realty Plaza, Ja-Ela

  • Who is the Owner of Your Company?


  • What Is the Contact Number of Your Company?

    +94 11 222 6657

  • How Long Your Company Has Been Is This Business?

    40 Years

  • Do You Have International Branches?

    We have Dubai based international network around the globe

  • What is the Current Business Market Share in Sri Lanka?


  • What Are the Official Working Hours?

    Weekdays 8.30am -5.30pm

  • What is Your Company Hotline Number?

    +94 11 222 6657

  • What are the Current International Standards You Maintains?

    ISO Standard

  • Does Your Company Engage in Social Projects?

    We constantly take part in CSR projects